Our Companies


FireFold.com is the eCommerce division operating under FireFold, LLC, featuring thousands of high quality, affordable products for home theater and networking.


FireFold Technologies is the computer support division operating under FireFold Technologies, LLC, providing technology for large and small businesses in the Greater Charlotte area.


FireFold Tech & Repair is the consumer computer, mobile and tablet sales and service division of FireFold Tech & Repair, LLC, We put you first ,our highest priority is making sure we give the best customer service and stand by you with all your needs.


LavaLux Web Studios is the Webdesign and hosting division operating under LavaLux, LLC. At LavaLux, we build beautifully designed websites that will tantalize your customers.

Welcome to Grouse.co

Grouse Corporation has evolved over the years since its humble beginning in 2005. That’s when technology professional Christopher Grouse created an outlet for providing quality, affordable networking products to the general public. At that time, Christopher and his wife Holly packed and processed every order from their small basement.

The business continued to grow, and today Grouse Corporation is housed in a 30,000 square foot warehouse in Concord, North Carolina. The company expanded into four main divisions: FireFold.com, FireFold Technologies, FireFold Audio/Video, and most recently, FireFold Tech and Repair.